24 thoughts on “||☆|| Juan Mata Vs Stewart Downing | Battle Of The Wings | 2011 | HD ||☆||

  1. @trixacat where have you been Henderson hasn’t score more goals than Torres. In fact Torres has done more than Henderson, Carroll and Downing Combined.

  2. not sure if mata just didn’t want to join liverpool in the summer or kenny thought downing fits into the liverpool system better, but its obvious mata’s a much better player.

  3. @theeeannoyingguy AHAHAHAAHAHA Someone is a little pissy because their club only buys the shite that Liverpool dumps. How are Torres and Meireles fairing out? i suppose they are doing superb in a Blue’s Kit. “Queen Kenny” and the Red’s didn’t mean to whoop your arses twice. If you want to refer to the past, Liverpool has a lot more to brag about then Chelsea…*COUGH* 2005 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINALA *COUGH*

  4. actually buy a Good player?? *cough* TORRES *cough* HAHAHAHAHAH HENDERSON SCORED MORE GOALS THAN TORRES :))))))))))))))

  5. @trixdacat don’t care, you might come out better at the end of the season cause we wont spend, still wont win the league though, where at least we have sense and will actually buy a good player come the summer. Yous should be above us now, but queen kenny is piss poor he can’t get above an old team.

  6. @theeeannoyingguy pffft… we’ll see who comes off better at the end of the season ^^


  8. @trixdacat obviously, but your 3 points behind us, and we have a terrible team. You could of bought good players for 20 million, instead you bought henderson, then you bought Downing. They have been crap all season the games i’ve seen them in, Downings a good crosser but that’s it. Just face the fact, there garbage players, and so is Carroll, Sturridge is much better than all of them.

  9. @theeeannoyingguy goals and assists??? thers more to the game than thatt ASS HOLE ask XABI ALONSO hes the beastest Passer DUMB FUCK

  10. @SnowInTheSun Yes but Kenny spent over 100 million on average players, stop being delusional, you havent threatened 4th place at all, you are currently 6th and 3 points behind us (chelsea), and this is our worst team in over 10 years, we are lacking everything and have a poor squad with no drive, but we are still above you guys, and yet you go over youtube commenting like your winning the league, get a grip, your 6th place, just lost 3-0 to city, and even arsenal are above you.

  11. @SnowInTheSun lmao henderson has been garbage, stop lying, ramires has scored more goals and more assists than Henderson, FACT!. Romeu has been much better midfielder also and contributed more to the team even though he’s a DM. Kenny spent over 100 million in the summer, we have an old squad and our worse team in more than 10 years, we lack a playmaker, no assistance to strikers, defending chemistry is all wrong and yet liverpool are still 3 points behind us lmfao!, fucking fail!.

  12. @freshcelery btw we have Henderson playing better than many of Chelseas midfielders ….
    i can see you like newcastle 🙂 btw we owned them today 3-1 …..

    say w/e u want haters, we have the best midfield of all times … your daddy Steven Gerrard! RESPECT!! YNWA!!

  13. @freshcelery who is better than charlie adam?? or Suarez?? Bellamy is doing a great job, today he scored 2 goals…. Dwoning is amazing, he only has to get used to Liverpool
    btw i see him doing better in every match ….. i can clearely see that you are not a LFC fan, because you talk just for talking, u haven’t seen downing scoring goals lately in the highlights site that you visit…. you have to watch a whole match so you can say something about a team or a player.. watch games then comment.

  14. Just look at stats.. Mata has 7 assists in the PL and is 2nd in highest assist. He’s also got 3 PL goals. Better than Downing. Numbers don’t lie.

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