25 thoughts on “All Carlos Tevez league goals 2007/2008

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  2. for now, we need 2 or 3 players on the team like Tevez.
    class, consistency, high work rate, and bringing goals.
    Berbatov lack the consistency and work rate of Tevez. while Rooney can’t always save Man United.
    I know that we need a world class midfield and def the most, but having someone like Tevez will never hurt the team.

  3. what a team and what a kit design. tevez, ronaldo, nani, rooney, ferdinand, vidic, giggs scholes.

    chelsea fan.

  4. You don’t realise the quality players we had in our squad then, until you see our squad now. We’re going to have to rebuild the majority of the squad if we want to compete for the title next season…

  5. thankz for show the great goals of carlitos tevez nacido en fuerte apache y querido en todas partes

  6. @DeathWithoutRemorse Was at it’s best. Ronaldo wanted to go to his childhood favourite team Real Madrid so we had to let him go. However losing Tevez was a mistake that most Manchester United fans would rather forget about, except we cant because he plays football down the road from us now. He’s a better player at City i think, because he often has to carry the entire team, but he played a higher standard of football with United.

  7. @MrCaptain209 …check out assist leaders of the Premier League and find out what Rooney has been doing all season long.

  8. @ez44567 oh hey bro.. couldn’t help but notice what rooney just did. something that tevez has NEVER done in his life, in that big of a match, to WIN THE GAME.. lol btw where was tevez in this match? only thing i saw him do was dive to get Giggs’ yellow carded.. hip hip… hooray..

  9. Could somebody, PLEASE. PLEASE, tell me the name of the first song in this vid. PLEASE!

  10. if u must know, i watch all of man utd barcelona, madrid, chelsea, arsenal and liverpool’s games.. stop being so fkn biased and try and see what’s infront of u dumb wetback fuck. u don’t reply to half of what i say coz u got nothing logical to say back. just give it up..

  11. @ez44567 if u could read u’d see that i said he played complete shit COMPARED TO HIS BARCA PERFORMANCES. ur so biased towards wetbacks it’s clear that u are one. every single football pundit who analyzed messi’s performances in the world cup commented on how he failed to perform – most notably when germany tore argentina apart. messi didn’t even score one goal the whole tournament.. fuck ur an idiot..

  12. @dc4t

    please dont start spouting shit about knowledge and logic, your a clueless biased fuck… messi played like complete shit? do you even have eyes u retarded fuck?

    im gonna leave it here, its clear you know fuck all about football. a demented cow makes more sense than you. i bet you’ve only ever watched man united and rooney play, thats how fucking dumb u sound.

  13. player? once again u prove ur lack of simple logic.. ronaldo was bought for 65m or whatever, no player in the world is worth that much. that being said, andy caroll scored 11 goals in 20 apps in the best league in the world, at 22, he can only get better..

    also, about the world cup. messi played like complete shit compared to his barca performances, does that make him any less of a player? as with ronaldo and torres… USE UR BRAIN.. oh wait u don’t have one..

  14. @ez44567 LOL yeah rooney is so average, that’s why he’s rated by so many as one of the top 10 players in the world. don’t let your lack of understanding the game fool you. goals aren’t everything?! for a striker they are.. that and assists, and like i said he’s been the best in the EPL since 2006. u don’t realize how stupid u sound do u? does it matter what we won last season? we won it 3 times in a row before that u stupid fuck. how can u judge a league based on what a club wants to value their

  15. I’m a city fan which is pretty much why I’m watching this video but I have to say. Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez on the same team? What were United thinking letting two of these players go when the team were at it’s best?

  16. @dc4t

    haha there there manuretard, no need to cry about it. Rooney is an average striker, look at his performance in the world cup, laughable. Sure he scored a lot of goals last season, but goals aren’t everything. What did Man U win last season? Oh right, nothing. Look at the state of England, overpaid overrated bunch of primadonas, with the exception of Terry and a few others. Im sure you think Andy Caroll is also an amazing striker worth £35m ha.

  17. @ez44567 was built around Rooney and he scored 32 goals (more than Tevez) despite being injured for the last 1/4 of the season. Do you know that if you add up goals and assists from each EPL player between 2006-2010, Rooney is on top by at least 10? Check the official EPL site if you don’t believe me. So Rooney has one bad half of a season, where he’s been plagued with injuries. Now you wanna call him shit? You’re a JOKE! learn something about football and get off Tevez’s dick

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