18 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez • Manchester City 2010-2011 HD

  1. I support Man United and Tevez used to be one of my fav players, but now that hes at city i hate him…

  2. awesome video mate!
    though i would love if it lasted a little longer with some of his dripples and passes.

  3. @everomarsanchez CARLOS TEVEZ REY DE MANCHESTER !!!!! =) HERO TEVEZ.

  4. That was awesome! immediatly added to my favorites and it was def. your best video 😀

  5. although im a manchester united fan, i must admit that letting tevez go was sometning real stupid :/…. great choice of music though, fits really well into the video

    ps: i dont think he is the king, i think the king is berbatov 😀

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