25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez

  1. only if they waited few more weeks to make this comp… they could have added so many more goals. Including the most important one of the season… the last one against united.

  2. tevez is the greatest player at the moment.
    his life is just like a movie! its an exellent player and he got’s a great heart!

  3. He’s the Argentina version of Rooney: fighting spirit, hard to take the ball from, a tremendous strike, rather difficult character, and ugly as hell. so now Man U has both of them: Nice. I wonder if they will get along though.

  4. has anyone got the video at the end of this game, its like the review of last season, if you have could you put it on youtube, and does anyone know the name of the song that they used for it.

  5. i think at firs he was not comfortable at west ham (or in the prem) but as he was given more opportunities by he mannager, he got alot more used to it and played much better (did u see is goal vs Chelsea – superb)

  6. O yes he is!!! he’s coming to Man.United!!!
    and he’ll score a hat-trick against your bunch of cockneys!!

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