19 thoughts on “CArlos tevez joins liverpool

  1. we wouldnt wont tht little argentinan fk face anyway fkin chipped tooth haha

  2. Of course its fake lol…..

    …. I think the real photo might be of Javier Mascherano

  3. Tevez may joins Liverpool.
    Torres & Tevez -> Fantastic duet. =)
    Liverpool must to buy some good quality player to win Premier league and Uefa Championship.

  4. i dont think this is real. look at the hands on tevez.. old arms.. im quite shure its fake

  5. Carlos Tevez = LFC (y)
    imagine, kuyt off…tevez on!
    tevez off, kuyt on.
    they’re both machines!
    so much energy!
    aaron lennon and tevez to Liverpool ;D ;D !!!

  6. dont tell me . tell rafa!
    i really really reallly dont want him to leave us

  7. I know lol!
    its a shame that alonso is out 🙁
    but insted we get to have tevez and barry 😉

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