25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez returns to Upton Park and gets tons of respect

  1. @manofdamatch well, rooney did betray everton after all. mans is pretty sure he said he was blue for life then switched to man u, the second worst move he could;ve made in their opinion. it wuldve only been worse if he chose liverpool. watch wen rooney soon betrays you lot, he only signed the 5-year contract becuz a) city and chelsea were the only decent clubs who wanted him at that point b) he got more money and c) real madrid and barca didnt want him then like he’d thought
    that is all

  2. @AllowTheHype No son, no. West ham fans gave tevez some respect. Everton fans only knows how to boo at Rooney. So in return Rooney gave them a reason to boo, he kissed the badge of united..

  3. at least tevez actually showed he respect for the club at brought him to england rather than do a rooney and be disgraceful (cheeky reference to rooney kissing badge of scum infront of everton).
    that is all

  4. is that supposed to bother me u sad fuk. hahahhaahhaah get a grip u fukin tool

  5. @woolley15 fuck your dead grandma i hope your children get cancer. fuk you

  6. ur all mugs, he played for like 6 months and hes a legend there lmao, shows ur not used to success and big name players,

  7. Loved at west ham!!!!!!!! that is respect when they have a song for you!!!!!

  8. nice vid .. love when he throws up the hand signs .. lol i fink that means west ham ? anyways .. good vid .. tevez is class ..

  9. Hammers-Serbia
    English language section.


  10. just says it all about us west ham fans, we give u respect if u deserve, we r ot little bitches

  11. I have to say this, you fans of West Ham are amazing, I’ve never seen something like this.

  12. Yeah until they replaced him with Berbatov another bench warmer but Tevez was and is 10x better

  13. Lol, listen closely to the DJ man speaking and saying out the names, he says “Hang on, I’ve forgotten the Manchester United subs.” 😛 It’s hilarious, I nearly pissed myself! 😀

  14. tevez is a legend along with moore brooking, he had no choice than to leave west ham as he was no longer able to play for west ham because of the FA

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