25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez “The Beast”….

  1. definetly one of the best strikers in the world. only eto’o, drogba, dzeko and higuaín are the same level to me.

  2. look this song (cumbia) and please put it in the video

    Piola vago – Dejala

  3. fuk u united , with your money you ga y clubs are taking all the good players from argentina away, sti upid countries, train your player, dont steal it from others, teves is argentina , tevez is boca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes, he is Tevez, one of players that scored vey important goals, against Chelsea, Liverpool, Roma, Tothemham, etc.
    30 goals in 80 games
    15 trophies won,
    4 goals scored against United,
    1 goal with West Ham
    1 goal from head,
    1 reverse goal
    1 penalty goal.

    do you scared??
    do not whistle that he ‘ll angry

  5. Who does not disagree with u Berbatov was doin great at Spurs why waste 30 million on him wen it can be well spent on Ashley Young or David Silva???

  6. Carlos Tevez singing on his Buenos Aires house.

  7. tevez should have being signed up when man utd won the champions league cause tevez and rooney where the most feared strike force in the world,don’t know why they signed bertatov, ferguson should have signed david silvia instead of bertatov

  8. agree with kill633 got rid of an explosive striker like tevez for bervashit; Ferguson must be blind or pretty close to that.

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