25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez – The Warrior Of Manchester 2010 |HD|

  1. I’m argentinian but i can’t believe that love for himm 😛
    i’ts unbelive
    from cordoba byez

  2. With rooney in ManU, they couldnt have two ugly looking mothafuckas in the same team. hahaha

  3. fuck off all of you…..tevez the is best!! really a gentelman!! for that all team were played love him!!!! learn learn what it’s a gentelman…and not the drunker rooney

  4. /watch?v=_ddBTDYcmj4 Rooney bicycle in to mancity it happend to day watch watch watch !

  5. Tevez tiene todo para convertirse en la nueva leyenda del real madrid… ojala algun dia se aburra en manchester y aterrice en madrid. Tevez si siente la camiseta que lleva puesta y ama el futbol. MADRID LE ESPERA….

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