25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez Top 10 Goals

  1. Ur my idol bro we almost have the excat name mine is Carlos Alberto Luna

  2. ur gonna have to update it because his world cup goal against mexico was in-fucking-sane

  3. manchester uniteds biggest mistake letting him go when ronaldo also left..no wonder they didn’t win anything in 2009-2010…

  4. I forgot how good his free kicks were with the fag ronaldo and manchester… i agree with superjohnnies if berbatov is 30.7mill how much does that make roo and tev i reckon 60m-80m for roo and at least 40m for tev berba shud still be in scummy london

  5. el q mas me gusto fue el de estudiantes y el de serbia tmb
    un groso el apache

  6. Who’s that man from Argentina? Who’s that man they all adore? Plays with Rooney, plays with Wes. He’s our superstar Tevez. And forever at United he will score…
    Fuck You Scouser!

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