25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez Tribute

  1. Gwaaaan Carlos you will always be an ‘AMMER we will never forget One Love from WEST HAM x

  2. Carlos has made an impact in any team he has been a part off, all the day from boca and corinthians to west ham and man utd.

    He can been seen today carrying man city, he scored 3 goals last game.

  3. carlos is one of the best players on earth, there´s no doubt about it. He became an icon of every team he played for. Messi plays soccer surrounded with superstars, Carlos nowadays is a part of a great team which is Manchester City, but he always played with his heart, his guts, and his awesome talen. CARLOS number 1.

  4. @vicpickles he sweats for 90 minutes and he delivers. If he left Man.Un. is because he wasn’t treated with respect.

  5. @alexpesaogim totalmente d acuerdo. Carlitos tiene el verdadero espiritu futbolistico d los argentos

  6. tevez played for west ham?….
    dang west ham must of finished above 19th place!

  7. This guy is an overpaid ,arrogant peice of shit!……oh, and he,s an ugly cunt too!….Enough said!

  8. @ChsSami he got 3rd degree burns on his neck when he was a teenager, and chose not to get the scar removed because “its a part of my childhood”

  9. todavia no puedo comprender como dicen q messi es mejor del mundo, es bueno pero el juega por la plata en cambio carlitos juega porque le gusta el futbol juego con el corazon y se divierte AGUANTE TEVEZ sos el mejor del mundo es un orgullo verte jugar en boca el mejor club de argentina sos el orgullo argentino

  10. Para mi tendria tevez que ser el succesor de maradona, como el hace tantas cosas que messi NO hace… tevez tendria que ser la estrella N1

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