25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez – Victory

  1. dude how do you avoid copyright infringement?i thought its not allowed to post premier leagues videos,nice vids though

  2. very cool video, ! very well done! please, could u give us the name of the song?

  3. you’re awesome man !

    especially what you did with the commentators, I wish you can do the same for Cristiano Ronaldo with Madrid.

    Thanks !

  4. fuckin legend!!! im massive united fan but cant blame him going to city and proving a point to fergie!!
    how can he not be good enough to play for united,?unbelievable.

  5. @united2oo9 That sounds about right. Fergie wanted to take the piss and let the loan deal run it’s course and buy Carlos Tevez with the money made from the sale of Ronaldo …that took the piss a bit,especially considering how purple nose pulled out all the stops to get Berbaflop on board..
    I think the sentence you should have used is, Tevez hasn’t yet reproduced the form he did last season yet when he was fucking immense πŸ™‚

  6. @UtdFansAreArseholes But why would we be bitter when he sat on his arse nearly all season long in 2008/2009 season? He even said he left because he didn’t feel wanted lol. Looks like he’s showing his form like he did for us in his 2nd season. Shit.

  7. @united2oo9 More fool Fergie! “FERGIE.SIGN HIM UP.FERGIE,FERGIE SIGN HIM UP!”

  8. please mate tell me what FX you used to get this colouring, i have asked many times but you dont reply

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