25 thoughts on “Christian Wilhelmsson goals Al-Hilal

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  2. @morrarN , muslims DONT! know racism, unlike u americans or english stupid fucks!

  3. This Swede was one of the best foreign professionals who have passed in the history of Al Hilal, which is way more popular club in the Arabian Gulf, a club of the century in Asia

  4. wilhelmsson you are the best
    we love u in saudia

    thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk wilhei

  5. This is Al hilal club
    this team is the best in Asia

    and the last match for al hilal there are 70,000 fan of al hilal
    Every body in Saudi Arabia like Alhilal

  6. He just missed a penalty kick against Zob Ahan of Iran. He cost AlHillal the game. Shahab Gordan is the Best!

  7. من شفت بداية المقطع حاط لي بلنتي غسلت يدي

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