Manchester City are getting quite fed up with the chain of events circulating behind the transfer of Carlos Tevez. Both Inter and AC Milan are making lucrative approaches to try to get hold of the former captain of Manchester City, but of late, there has been no movement, and City are not happy.

Some offers on the table were canned as Manchester city do not want to sanction a short term deal on Carlos Tevez, as suggested by AC Milan. City have been adamant on the fact that they would not want their former captain to get signed on any short term deals and any club willing to show interest to sign on this star player should go in for a permanent deal which removes Carlos of any contact with Manchester City, and finally gets him out of their club.

The deal that was originally designed by AC Milan was that of a temporary loan which would become permanent if Carlos Tevez managed to play for more than half of the remaining matches in this season. Manchester City are aware that Carlos has been out of form for the last three months and hence do not want any such deals to be made – plus there is no guarantee he would even play, given previous experience with Tevez…

The rejection of this deal was seen in a positive scope for Inter Milan who are ready to offer 22 million dollars for the transfer. It is believed that Carlos Tevez would prefer AC Milan, and has even managed to agree on personal and professional terms with the vice president of AC Milan Adriano Galliani. But time will tell how things work out. Having had a look at the best online Premier League betting odds it looks like Inter Milan are favourites to land the Argentinean striker.