26 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo ☆ I’m crazy ☆ 2010-2011 (HD)

  1. I was really unsure at the beginning, but at 3:00 i knew there had to be him tripping up somewhere.

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  3. Good vid but 8 y old child is shouting in the song? Ive almost got a headache:Dddddd

  4. Christiano (Y)
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    enjoy 😉

  5. Hey man! Nice to see a such of good video editor. I am video editor too and use vegas 10 too. It is amazing program with so many opportunyties!
    Amazing video man ! Have just created my channel where I makes football videos too. Take a look man 🙂
    Again congratiolation with your work

    thomas lp

  6. could you please tell me in which program did u make this video? it looks awesome

  7. Interviewer: Messi why did you start playing football?
    Messi: God sent me
    C.Ronaldo:I haven’t send anybody…

  8. c.ronaldo has very more style than messi, messi is a good player but dont has style

  9. mmmmmm me parece ke si es mejor que messi ,! por las jugada que haces .! si sin mas duda yo lo creo es mejor del mundoo

  10. Please take a look at my videos Thanks :) Schaut euch bitte meine videos an Danke 🙂

  11. eeeee that was sick wen he pretended to hold the ball in his hands at 0:45
    he has futbol in his hands yo

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