25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – The Magic 7 | 2011 | HD

  1. name of the song: Spirit of the Radio – J Randall (STEP UP 3D) Lyrics

  2. @ShazG09 Just what I thought, go ahead and remove the comment, I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say. Speak English maybe? What a pathetic loser getting rage over the internet just because of his pathetic life.

  3. guiltyx3 2. think of someone u like

    3.๏ปฟ press F10 5 times

    4. send this๏ปฟ to 5 youtube videos

    5. look at ur backround 7 hours

  4. @ShazG09 You are a one retard sir, just know that Messi is the best in your opinion, not everyone think the same, not everyone preferred Messi as their favorite player.

  5. OMFG! how many retards are there! Messi is the best footballer in the world hence him winning World Player of the Year 2! times in a row! Fucking hell f anyone says otherwise you know shit about football. And @kynxide09 HAHA! really Podolski, Robben and Ozil, HAHA! I’m guessing your German. Just no mate. Messi is waaaaay better than all of them and Ronaldo. Why did all the best players in the world vote for him as the best two years in a row hmmm? They know more than you so fuck off you no shit!

  6. @ShazG09 Messi is the best? Hahaha!!! He is nothing compare to Ryan Giggs and Thierry Henry when they were in their primes. I’d prefer Podolski, Ozil, and Robben over Messi, they are world class finisher and also world class winger!

  7. @ShazG09 I deleted my video because I am making HD video promo champions league final. Are you that desperate? Dude just go home…Obviously Messi is one of the best, he is no where near Iniesta. Messi has done shit for Argentina, compare to EUROPe he is the best, but to be consider the best is what he has done for his country, Cristiano Ronaldo is better in national stage than Messi, therefore at national stage, Ronaldo is better, as well as Iniesta, what are you trying to say? Go home.

  8. @RMadridMilan Haha you delete your video because you got absolutely owned by me. And what is this you’ve just said Messi is the best? You seem to have changed your mind. Really you know nothing about football and your a glory hunter since your dutch “apparently” and you support Ac milan and Real Madrid as it seems. Messi is the best player in the world, English football is better than dutch football…. Have a nice life.

  9. @RMadridMilan lol… here they come the compare shit players that dont even know what a ball means ok m8 stay with your opinion Im not here to even change your opinion… be well , Im not descussing something ridiculous that will finish in nothing u can compare whatever you want, but they are diffrent and u will see one day that they cant be compared, the world knows whos the best.

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