26 thoughts on “Fernando Torres- Goodbye For Now

  1. Fernando Torres plays for Chelsea, but we will always have the iconic El Ninõ!

  2. You see the pride when he played for Liverpool? he had his peak with them, the celebrations, the heart, the courage, he will never play like that for another club again, very silly move from him, and definately the best bit of business done in the transfer window for decades, 50m?? Liverpool laughed all the way to the bank haha

  3. what do you mean his a tratior. think about all the great thinks torres has done for us. at the heat of the moment it was right for him to move as liverpool was at a low and he is just to good a player not to play in chamions league. good luck torres in the future and you will always be in my heart forever

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  5. fernando nooooooo i’m sorry my love we are both hispanic but i can’t follow you to chelsea cause my heart belongs to liverpool but i will keep my eye on you you will never walk alone 🙁





  7. Tyler Hilton – Missing You <<< my friend just sent me this song and yap! i cried out for him. YAY

  8. @xzPopp234zx
    he went because hes 26 and still hasnt won anything like the premier league or the champions league – hes said it himself, he wants to look back in 10,20 years and feel hes acheived something … thats why he went 🙁

  9. im sorry right but if torres was a red he would be with liverpool through the rough and bad times, but no he wants the glory so he went to a club with no crowd atmosphere and just throw money at any player they want till they give in, torres you are not a red, you are not liverpools number nine, you are a spanish money grabber who wants all the glory

  10. @Beliver888 yet hes scored against chelsea all the time n couldnt on sunday he’ll flop n realise the team hes ment to go to is liverpool

  11. @sunnivanoelia it is today im happy that we won but its not the same without torres

  12. im angry that he left but if things dont go well at chelsea i hope he will go back to liverpool

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