26 thoughts on “Lionel Messi Top 10 Goals 2010/2011 HD

  1. any one can dribble from half field and score but messi does it every game

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  3. A little boy has a poster of cristiano ronaldo in his room……cristiano ronaldo has a poster of Lionel Messi in his room

  4. @LFCTommie you have a link to the video on the internet to see me like this video ?

  5. @ByWallaf I don’t really understand what you’re sayin’ but do you know how I can put it on youtube without it being blocked? Hope you can help me, it already happened 5 times with one of my videos and It’s really frustrating if you worked a long time at a video and then it gets blocked as soon as you upload it…

  6. @LFCTommie Because of copyrights. my video is very discreet for That Can not block UEFA .. You must make a video too discreet and careful with tags!

  7. @ByWallaf great video but i think you sould include leo’s goal vs man u!
    great goal great video

  8. @pandaa68 if @ByWallaf uploaded awsome goals by messi this video would las abour 8 hours

  9. I think its early to compare to Messi to maradona ,cryuff ,pele . But he is light years ahead of ronaldo, rooney ,ozil & company ,when it comes to skill ,class & grace on the field is concerned – He and Barcelona will continue to make their fans proud

    We are the Kings of Europe again !!! Forza Barca

  10. Number 8 (the triple one-two with Dani Alves) and number 5 (the free-kick) are just priceless

  11. no way don´t compare Cristiano with messi, is not rigth…compare cristiano wiith rooney, with tevez with aguero,,,with ozil and some many others…nobody can’t compare to messi….Nobody

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