Manchester City away lost

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European Cup 1 / eight final emphasis of the very first leg of a war to begin in the race Lobanovski Stadium, Manchester Town absent lost to Dynamo Kiev two, Shevchenko opened the scoring, Guse Fu expanded score.

Dynamo Kiev staff in England previous win was at residence in 2003, they won Arsenal in the Champions League group stage. Milner injuries Carlos Soccer Jersey Tevez into the bench dominant Kolarov into the commencing rotation. The former AC Milan and Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko is commencing Dynamo Kiev.

Opening 2 minutes, Kolarov a corner, far level Balotelli fired volley from 12 yards vast. After one minute, Yamolunke pass limited region ahead of the shot missed. ten minutes, David – Silva pass from Richards, Shove Cove Selection Shevchenko broke the commanders do not give the media strength of total defeat away Premier League Jersey Manchester Metropolis Sports Chomsky foot in time to assault from the latter the ball confiscated 19 minutes, Kolarov prolonged-assortment free of charge kick was Shoaff Khodorkovsky confiscated. 22 minutes, Saba Leta pass, turned inside the restricted location arc Kolarov lengthier be Shoaff volley fired by Khodorkovsky.

Dynamo Kiev in the 25th moment lead, Yamolunke pass in the left edge of the region forward of the small Shevchenko Joe – Hart and Kolarov block before the ball into the door (Click to view the ambitions video clip) This is his initial aim in Manchester Metropolis jersey European War. With restricted area before the shot was Fengdang guarded in Compagni drop in the limited place, the referee has not been ignored. 39 minutes, Manchester City rescue corner, Shevchenko volleyed vast of the edge of the area. Fifty percent stoppage time, Aileimengke edge of the place missed scoring chance shot wide at 20 yards.

Second half commenced, Balotelli was slowly admission. 49 minutes return, Shevchenko restricted region before the shot over. 53 minutes, Balotelli breakthrough blocked, there are pedaling action of Yousef, the Italian was booked. 57th moment, Carlos Tevez changed Balotelli physical appearance. sixty minutes, Barry pass, Asia and Torres Jersey Toure shot at 20 yards was saved by the left column Khodorkovsky Shove Dynamo Kiev improve practically 62 minutes the score, Andriy Shevchenko left the restricted region pass Tongshe 10 yards by Joe – Hart obtained.

Lescott left foot shot inside of the limited region arc Shove Khodorkovsky was flying confiscated. Dynamo Kiev 78 minutes to expand the score, Compagni header pressured rescue, Guse Fu 12 yards ahead of the volley ahead of Richards broke Wright – Phillips changed Kolarov. 84 minutes, Guse Fu Tongshe the left into the restricted place by Joe Hart confiscated. Shevchenko was subsequently replaced. 88 minutes, Guse was once more closed on the left pole, Joe Hart saved.

Dynamo Kiev 2, the ultimate ball to win the initial leg of a extremely favorable place, but the historical past of Dynamo Kiev, 9 guests against the England team made only a level 8 negative, so Mancini’s team is nonetheless anticipated to comeback at residence.

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