25 thoughts on “*NEW* Champions League 2010/11 Top 10 goals HD

  1. My only complaint is that I think Messi’s´╗┐ goal against United should have been included! Otherwise, great video!

  2. yo s20th ignore these pathetic biased fans man ur video is 10/10 i agree with all goals´╗┐ and im a man utd fan who have no goals in this video

  3. @d4flow 1. “it’s not in your video´╗┐ – fail!!!” so what does it mean to you? ;| 2.´╗┐ OMG! Robben goal was scored in 2009/10 and this video shows season 2010/11 !!!

  4. the robben goal against manchester united was the best goal!!!
    and it’s not in your´╗┐ video – fail!!!

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