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From the “Gazzetta dello Sport,” said the source, the Serie A giants AC Milan striker Alexandre Pato as a bargaining chip to develop, deal with Manchester City “, is suffering from homesick and Balotelli. It is clear that the Brazilian golden boy has made frequent injuries Milan with Soccer Jersey lost patience.This summer, Balotelli worth 3,000 million euros mentor defected Mancini, however, due to “bad boy” cynical nature, so that the relationship with his teammates is very general, only in Italy and tired of people Manchester has begun to life, and Carlos Tevez as the start of the idea of returning home. Before “The Guardian” said Balotelli Mancini has been made to return to Italy after the completion of the demands of the season, but the teacher is very much like to stay and he can feel at home at Manchester City, but “Bad Boy” seems to have begun their future careers. In November last year, that is, the media, “slow motion” Balotelli exposure Milan with the Italian League Soccer Jerseys vice president Adriano Galliani, and news of the dinner. Said in an interview before his teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the hope and struggle side by side again, but we all know that God Tower is now the Swedish town of Milan. For these rumors, Milan has never denied the possibility of acquiring Balotelli. The vice-president Adriano Galliani has publicly stated:. “While a deal to sell day Balotelli Manchester, Milan certainly will not miss the opportunity to partner Ibrahimovic Balotelli called a pair of revolutionary, I’m sure this scene AC Milan finally appear in the game” Milan coach Allegri , but also praised Canada for Balotelli: “. Honestly, I really like Balotelli, who has unique talents, I am happy to teach harmony If there is an opportunity.” wishes of the player, along with the Italian side of greed, so that a single transaction full of potential. Sky Italia platform to the well-known journalist Paul had to Galliani wants to create benefit of the combination of gold, but today’s Gazzetta dello Sport has revealed that Milan Pato with the AC Milan Soccer Club Jersey intended as currency, the Lee ballot around them die.Pato’s ability to doubt, but only 21 years old, you can tap the vast potential there, but Milan was willing to release the name of a possible future star, because the Brazilian injuries too often. As professional players, injury is an issue that can not be avoided, according to “La Gazzetta dello Sport,” the above statistics; Brazil has eight Golden Boys in 2010 due to repair the damage. Throughout 2010, due to multiple injuries, Pato in 15 league games, this side of Milan is clearly a little disappointed. But Manchester City, as the key factors of the transaction has been basically finished, so Duck can not be attractive for Mancini, while the “Gazzetta dello Sport” also point out that Manchester City will not accept, if the Brazilians the Milan Pato may be the first sold to Chelsea for a huge sum of money. British media had exposed material; the number of Chelsea, one of the objectives of the winter market is Pato. As the mentor of Brazil, Pato, Carlo Ancelotti, I would love to visit Stamford Bridge, Chelsea are reinforcing the weak offensive line, supposedly the Chelsea preparing for this for 30 million pounds. Imagine, if Milan with the Inzaghi Jerseys 9 began the illusion, then when will have a super bad boy Trident “Easy Mo Zlatan Weiqi, Cassano and Balotelli, so if the equipment front is not overlooked.

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