Tevez ‘won’t go on loan’

Carlos Tevez will not be allowed to leave Manchester City on loan as the club look to offload the want-away striker.

The Argentinean has been linked with a move to AC Milan, but financial constraints mean they are unable to buy the player outright in the January transfer window. It had been rumoured that this could lead to a compromise loan deal which would see Tevez move to Italy, but according to City manager Roberto Mancini this is not on the cards.

People making Premier League bets should remember this.

“I hope we can find a good solution for us and Carlos,’ said Mancini. “We want Carlos to come back and play football and the best solution for us is to sell him. We can’t let him leave on loan.”

He added also suggested that the club may be seen as a soft touch by some of their rivals when it comes to transfers as they are expected to pay high prices but let players go out on loan when they want to offload someone.

According to Mancini it is only proper that whichever club ends up signing Tevez pays what he called “his value”.

Tevez’s time at City started well and he played a key part in helping the side qualify for the Champions League and win the FA Cup last season.

However, his relationship with Mancini soured dramatically when he seemingly refused to play in Munich during a crucial Champions League game and it seems unlikely he will ever be seen in a City shirt again.