Tevez Left Out Of World Cup

Getting the chance to represent your country at the biggest football event is something that player’s dream of doing. Carlos Tevez made a sensational debut season with Juventus as he was one of the most influential players of the Italian squad as he made 31 league appearances and scored on 19 occasions but it wasn’t enough for him to be chosen by Alejandro Sabella as he will be one of the stars that are not going to be performing in the 2014 World Cup.

Carlos Tevez responded to Sabella’s decision of not being elected into the Argentinean squad as he stated that he does not know what is going around with the team of Sabella and has no interest of seeing how they perform in the worldwide event as he is taking time off with his family.

“I’m not watching anything, I don’t know how the Argentina squad is doing, and I’ve not heard from the group, I don’t know anything about anything. I’m with my family; I’m playing golf, getting some sun. I’m isolated because I’m a footballer and it hurts. I’m not watching what’s happening, or what’s going on around the team, nor anything to do with the World Cup.” Tevez stated during a press conference at the Boca Juniors stadium which is the place where he began his football career.

The 30 year old attacker has enjoyed playing in the different leagues and clubs around the world including: Boca Juniors, Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus but the Argentinean attacker revealed that he would like to play the last few years or days of his career playing at his childhood  club Boca Juniors.

“I don’t know if it’s far away but in any case, I still have a bit of gas left. When I see the chance to come back to the club that I love, I’ll do it. I miss day by day coming to training with joy, knowing that I’m in my country, at home, I miss everything about Boca.” Tevez stated.