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  1. hasnt been at his best since last season! he has improved towards the end of this season compared to the start and the world cup obviously but hes still so frustrating sometimes! he needs to get back to his best because he is unstoppable and definately the best in the worl! he has more about him than Ronaldo or Messi do! he is a clinical striker/playmaker of the team when on form! he is immense!
    fingers crossed he searches his own name on Youtube, reads this, says thanks Razza, and is motivated

  2. For he is the best , i know their is CR and Messi .
    This video is amazing!!! Good work man!

  3. @MEGAKICKYOASS does he yeah? you got exact specifics as to his shot power and accuracy, yeah? how many goals he scored this season? and do you know the exact mph and shots on target each player in europe has logged, yeah? dont make such a stupid claim. messi does carry barca when they need it. most of the time they dont but he digs them out of holes 9/10 times. and internationally his ability is showing:observe the assist against portugal. World class-no other player could play that pass

  4. @connorrehanfeaglasgo yo yo yo messi fanboy
    the entire planet knows that messi doesnt carry the team it either xavi or iniesta
    and messi always scores b/c of them he doesnt do shit with his national team
    and no im not defending wayne, btw wayne has the best accuracy to shot power ratio

  5. @58186 no he scored 34 goals overall. messi scored 34 in la liga. 47 in all comps.
    how many goals does rooney have now then?
    he’s not all that, i cant believe the shite people talk:he’s injured again, one of the highest paid players in the world, isnt scoring, poor form…fs if he played like last season i might agree but he’s nowhere near that level.grow up you immature football-minded individuals and accept he isnt world class, or the white pele.thats zicos title,who was a million times better

  6. carlos tevez played with every best player and he thinks ronney is best than messi and ronaldo . he scored 34 goals in the best league of the world unlike laliga

  7. @Fiffen and the opinion of many others.many of the so called ”world class” english players flopped in the world cup: gerrard lampard cole and ofcourse rooney.but everyone blames the manager,which is stupid because playing 442 isnt the worst formation.infact it should have suited the him, being the SS role for most of his career.if he was he would have shown it at the world cup. evidence enough he didnt have anymore to his game. scoring tap ins against a shit milan team isnt world class

  8. @Fiffen not really. its quite simple- to be world class, you have to consistent and play at the same high level each game. rooney did it for 1 season and is yet to replicate that achievement.messi and ronaldo have been doing it for 4-5 years.fat ronaldo did it since he was 17 until he got injured.i would rather have david villa or drogba than rooney.

  9. @waynerooneyfan4ever true, + carlo ancelotti said that rooney was the worlds best player

  10. @connorrehanfeaglasgo if he is one of the best like u said, then he is a world class player^^

  11. @waynerooneyfan4ever No No No and No.. Rooney is just plain terrible.

  12. Rooney is crap. Zico is the White pele. And the bestt striker is Brazi Ronaldo , Ronaldo has been fifa player 3 times, world cup highest goal scorer , golden boot and has won heaps more, that rooney will ever accomplish

  13. @waynerooneyfan4ever well i watched this video to recap his performance last season and voiced my opinion.i personally think drogba,villa,anelka and forlan are far better than him.but thats just me. he was always good but never special like messi or kaka or ronaldo.if you could have top form of any of those players who would you choose? but also, rooney hasnt consistently played at the level he reached last season, so it is fair to say the guy isnt world class. get that from years of consistency

  14. @connorrehanfeaglasgo btw….you can look at every single player…like xavi…puyol…gerrard…terry….and many more have admitted that he is one of the best players in the world…and he surely was the best forward last season for sure…!!!

  15. @connorrehanfeaglasgo As much as i would love to answer you…and continue arguing with you, can you just answer me on question first…?

    Why the fuck are you watchin this video???
    …stop being a retard…!!!!

  16. @waynerooneyfan4ever i bring enlightenment to england fans who must realise their best player doesnt come close to world class. it is a title not to be used loosely. but if you choose to believe jamie redknapp, who didnt know who pato was, then by all means, you do so

  17. @connorrehanfeaglasgo dude can u just SHUT THE FUCK UP….if u wanna go troll…go fuckin troll somewhere else dude…just shut the fuck up and watch the video…or don’t fuckin watch it at all…so basically m telling u to FUCK OFF!

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