25 thoughts on “All The Bad Refereeing Decisions – South Africa World Cup 2010.

  1. My Grandma Could Referee Better, And Shes Dead………… No Seriously Shes Dead!

  2. @batistalift ok i respect referees who call tough sports, i play rugby but i can’t speak for soccer. However that was at best highly questionably call, don’t you agree?

  3. LOL pussy Torres… Typical Spain tactics I can’t believe they won the world cup it’s embarrassing and appaling he should have received a yellow for the dive.. Hell I’m so done with the shit refs. Get blatter our and get an intelligent pres pls. Worst world cup ever

  4. The lampard goal, the assistant referee didn’t follow the ball, thats why the goal wasn’t allowed.

  5. Watching the lampard goal actually fucking pisses me off so much, so does, The torres dive – Fucking pussy and the kaka red card.

  6. Shocking Decisions and theres many more not on the list FIFA needs to use Video Technology for 2014 in Dubai officials have to stop being ancient and accept it the games to fast and video refs will make the right decisions on the match insteand of alll these blatant shocking decisions that effect countrys except for ITaly of course lmao

  7. @batistalift ..sporting events should not be won and lost on mistakes made by referees when there is ample technology to prevent it. FIFA is run by a bunch of cave dwellers.

  8. FIFA does not answer on refereeing decisions which must mean the fans do yeah?

  9. Worst World Cup i’ve ever seen, I doubt Dubai will be an improvement on this one.

  10. @petehall1985 Actually, Cahill’s red is mostly due to repetition… By the time he was shown the card I was amazed by the fact he didn’t break anyone’s leg… This is football, not australian football.

  11. @8SteveGerrard8 DeJong should have been sent off as well for the karate kick on Xavi Alonso

  12. The worst one of all has to be on Lampard’s goal, if England tied it 2-2, they would have played a different stratigy on Germany and would have changed the game.

  13. Better show the good decisions. Referee is a hard job and as everybody in the world, referees sometimes make mistakes.

  14. the worst world cup ever , bullshit calls all over , fifa corrupt piece ov shit

  15. most of the red cards were shown because the people who were apparently “fouled” are just panzis

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