25 thoughts on “Argentina Canada 5:0

  1. @ no entiendo porque pastore sigue siendo suplente en la seleccion , sabiendo q cada vez q entra LA ROMPE! asistencias perfectas y mucha vision de juego…PASTORE idolo!!! sumado a los golasos q tiene en el palermo…

  2. @ominus011 Hey, Australia is not continent, and you forgot Antarctica. Yeah, maybe I should explain myself when I meant that. And maybe north americans (Canada and USA) should explain themselves when they say they are “americans” and call mexicans and central-americans “latins”.
    Ok, I won’t forget that Argentina can beat USA and Mexico too, not a big deal. By the way, I didn’t mean that Argentina can’t beat them, I meant that Canada is the worst one in soccer.

  3. @ominus011 Of course Argentina can beat Russian Federation too, IN SOCCER. But: Argentina + Canada vs Russia = Canada’s and Argentine’s ashes hovering the skies. So don’t piss them off. ūüėČ
    Obs.: I am not russian (unfortunately).

  4. @Slipknotter8 There are 6 continents in the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and North America. Central America is in North America, technically, sir. And maybe you should explain yourself more if you meant Canada, USA and Mexico as “North America”. But don’t forget, Argentina can beat USA and Mexico at any time too.

  5. @ominus011 Your geography knowledge makes me laugh. Since when North America stole Central America? They are distinct continents. By the way, I don’t care about small countries around, I am talking about Mexico, USA and Canada, dumbass.

  6. @alfredoooddd did you expect any better from a country with a weak soccer team?

  7. @Slipknotter8 Technically, Canada isn’t the worst team in North America because there are Caribbean island countries and Central American countries that are part North America that are ranked lower than Canada.. Plus Canada isn’t a soccer country and this defeat was easily predicted. Don’t jizz you panties.

  8. Hahahaha, Canada is the worst soccer team of the whole north america! Argentina just humiliated them! Go argentina, fuck those fags!

  9. @ssg10 haha marradonna is an idiot he didnt even took cambiasso on his team xD whats wrong with the man he called more then a hunderd players up to make his final selection thats just insane and he wouldnt take diego millito at first to untill he saw he make goals against barca and bayern :S

  10. According to Greece form they’ll pass like Serbia and Montenegro…I wish them luck against Argentina on WC

  11. @rustinonthevine If Argentina wins the WCup, you and Pele can say whatever you want while I party in Argentina.

  12. @ssg10 …Riquelme doesn’t want to join the team, that’s how it is. Maradona keeps on calling him but he won’t play :S

  13. Ojala que les vaya bien. Y que lleguen sin problemas a semi-finales. De allí para adelante cualquier cosa puede pasar.

  14. If Argentina wins the WCup, Pele will remind everyone that he scored 1000 goals in the Brazilian leagues.

  15. Me encantó la versión del Himno Nacional. Pero mucho más me gustaron la calidad de los goles. Ojalá que en el mundial podamos demostrar todo el poderío de esta selección. No será fácil, pero tampoco imposible. Y que Diego no se equivoque en las directivas.

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