25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez // Manchester City // Goals // * Re-Edited * // HD

  1. Why do people think rooney is the best? Tevez is a perfect striker. Rooney would be a better player as a midfielder. I don’t care if rooney gives nice touches and fancy runs HE DOESN’T GET YOU GOALS ANYMORE! Meanwhile tevez gets a goal nearly every match which is a strikers job. M.C.F.C OK!

  2. Nice video and a great little player. Best scoring record for City for a long time. ­čÖé

  3. @zaphbrannigan Totally agree with you. Things can go well or wrong but he ALWAYS gives his best, that’s for sure.

  4. Tevez is a little terrier out front, he may not be as technically gifted as Messi, Ronaldo, etc but dear god is his work rate legendary imo and that makes up for so much imo. Not even a City fan and I totally respect everything he does. A damn terror out front .

  5. He may not be the most skilled player in the Premier League,but he keeps running for the whole 90 minutes,he plays in the wings if he’s asked to (like he did in Manchester United),he never gives up,he makes pressure on the deffenders,he cahses the ball…he’s as good a striker as Mascherano is as a midfielder.
    If he does leave Man City I hope he signs for Barcelona,he’d fit there perfectly as a third striker (in competition with Pedro).

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  7. @ThePenguinInc i love that about carlos. he never gives up on the ball. he is the most important player in city. thats y hes z captain. hope he stays nxt year

  8. @ThePenguinInc Yes not others fuckin greedy player like rooney which wants more money to stay in united. fuckin greedy players.

  9. Nice reedited with david silva and a whole lot more world best players today in Best Club ever!!!

  10. @giggio88

    Asi es, Carlitos donde juegue, juega con la misma garra y sobre todo, la misma pasi├│n… aca en Boca Juniors fue pieza clave de la Libertadores 2003 (y eso que empezo a jugar desde octavos de final). En Corinthians fue idolo, lider y campeon… lo mismo en Inglaterra, donde gan├│ una Champions Legue… y pensar que de chico, el jugaba en su barrio pobre, y los partidos de futbol eran POR COMIDA: si no ganaba, su familia no comia. Un fen├│meno Carlitos… se lo extra├▒a

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