25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez – My Story

  1. Four people are United fans who thought Owen would be a much better signing ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Haters be damned. Tevez gives it all on the field and any wage is a bargain. I hope the scammers and execs who are just using him don’t push him too far because if he goes like Zidane and retires young (Reals and Domenechs fault) it’ll be a loss to the world. Keep it up Carlos!

  3. it would be awesome if you made something like if it was a trailer from a movie, carlos tevez’s movie. this video is awesome. cogratz. 5/5

  4. How do you get that aspect ratio? You know the way it doesnt fill the whole frame and its perfectly centered in the video… cheers.

  5. genial el video master , te felicito , y espero que disfrutes tanto a Carlitos, como lo disfrutamos aca en BOCA โ™ฅ

  6. apache sos un idolo esa garra que tienes dentro la cancha que no te dejas que te quiten el balon. que tengas otra buena temporada.

  7. Absolutely amaizing!!! Great video!!!
    and Carlitos!… What can I say, he is the only one person that makes me fell proud of being an argie, gooo City!!! gooo Blues!!!

  8. @miniclipman94 he may look like he plays for the fun of it but nowadays money talks. Teams like Manchester city, Chelsea and Real Madrid can actually buy their trophies nowadays which is ruining football.

  9. @RedvsBlueshow what are you trying to say? Tevez just wants to play… he is a highly qualified player that should not be benched.. He was pissed with Ferguson because he had a very high ratio of goals scored in games and was playing really well.. Besides he scored four goals in one game in which he only played 74 minutes and then was benched for the next three games… I think that Ferguson did not want Tevez to become a Man United fan because only wanted Ronaldo and Rooney to shine..

  10. I love World Cup although Argentina did not reach the final
    Thanks Tevez
    Thanks bbianchi9

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