25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez Plays Tennis @ 02 Arena ATP World Tour

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  2. @Swiper360 Drogba has never been or will never be close to being best in the world…he is good but not that good

  3. @interoma4evr are you serious??? you dont have to be tall to be succesful in futbol, its all about ability and strenght and passion of course!!

  4. que dicee el infeliz este, es chiquito y todo, pero es el mejor del mundo, vos sos un infeliz y te moris de hambre

  5. Son groso cada uno con lo suyo .. Lo importante es que son argentinos ! 🙂

  6. simple things like this can entertain us. tevez looks good here despite the fact i dont like him. lol

  7. Dude if I was ever given this chance I would push Del Porto to actually hit a warm up stroke. lol.

  8. @interoma4evr no the shoerter players are the best low centre of gravity they turn u inside out

  9. tevez is short, but dont forget that del potro is 6ft 6in, so u arent comparing him to a short guy.

  10. @interoma4evr football is never about size. look at lionel messi, he’s just below 170cm and he’s the best

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