25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez – Shadows and Regrets

  1. @rasheedald Yeah I still liked him then but I could see how ppl thought he was going to be a bust

  2. @Da55Moose haha yeah i know, but at the time you have to admit that berba was really bad, but what did i know at the time? im no Ferguson XD

  3. @rasheedald Im sure you still call him berbaflop now as he leads the scoring in the EPL. Anyways Tevez played to much like Rooney they needed a more skilled dribbler and finesse finisher like Berba. Tevez was great at Man U though.

  4. brilliant work man this is making me want to work on my current idea for a tevez video… and i dont like him much at all either. if you could msg me i got something to ask you. thanks.

  5. @rasheedald They benched him because he was playing crap. Fact. Good player though, can’t argue with that.

  6. man he may be ugly but hes definitly a great player !
    too bad he left manu and joined this cumfacesclub

  7. he may be ugly but hes defenitly an exelent player !
    too bad had joined city

  8. @rasheedald Tevez played in 51 games in his last season, hes a mardy get that got wound up when we had more than 3 strikers, at one point United had Alan Smith, Louis Saha, Ruud Van Nistlerooy, Wayne Rooney, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ronaldo who were all capable of playing up front and played there share for what was best for the team then, Berbatov needed to play games to settle in, your not gonna buy someone and leave them out the team. hel get his arse again soon tevez

  9. @JayfuzOMarley he wasnt being rotated, in all of the big games the flop player (chelsea, inter, ect.) and if you check how many appearnses they had that season, Tevez had 19 while Berbatov had 31, so how was that rotating?

  10. @rasheedald he wasnt benched he was being rotated, much like Adebayor at city now and how Valencia plays some games Nani plays some games, Tevez cdnt get that through his thick skull

  11. @n3oSerious im sorry but is the flop a playmaker? no, he is a fucking striker, so he should be shooting not passing, did Milito get the best striker in the CL bcuz he created chances or is it bcuz he scored GOALS!

  12. @rasheedald berbaflop? watch a game you dumb fuck , a high percentage of manchester united’s best scoring chances berbatov is involved

  13. LOL he decided to join City, so there for he had no respect for United in that sense

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