25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez- Skills and Goals 2009

  1. yep yep ur right what man u did is bought a player for 30 mill and now wont
    get 20 mill fo him

  2. Increible, me ancanta que traten con tanto cariño a alguien que prefirió no
    estar en mi patético país… Saludos desde Argentina

  3. Man U could have treated Tevez with a little more dignity, its not like he
    didn’t do anything for the team. He tried very hard to give his best…

  4. Lol Berbatov has scored more goals than Cantona in his first season, i bet
    next season will be big for him =p And also, if Fergie doesnt sign Tevez,
    he’ll sign Benzema, so dont be dissapointed.

  5. Tevez off to City, great news, I can now see them as contenders of the top
    5, if not the top 4 (:

  6. if u remember Maradona hand of god, then u will understand that this is how
    they treat Agentinian players.

  7. Fucking berbatov is total shit. Tevez is a waste at man utd. This is coming
    from a man utd fan. Tevez a true cult hero and a legend

  8. im a manutd fan, i don’t know why SAF picked Berbatov over Tevez… wrong
    move that costs us the season

  9. i would of liked him to go to real madrid, becuz man utd doesnt let him
    play, but good video man 5/5

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