Carlos Tevez – The best Argentinian Player

Ever since Carlos Tevez joined Juventus on June of 2013, he has turned into one of the leaders in the pitch as players are constantly searching around for him as the Argentine player is a regular goal-scorer.

Tevez is currently the top goal-scorer of the Italian League, Serie A after managing to score a total of 11 goals in 16 appearances.

Before Tevez made a move to Italy, his time was spent performing in England as he made his way through West Ham United, Manchester United and Manchester City. One of his former clubs is now being rumored to be interested in re-signing him.

West Ham United is experiencing a superb season as they are competing for an Europa League spot and Sam Allardyce will have to start preparing his team with new signings in order to be able to compete at the same level as other clubs if they indeed are able to qualify into the Europa League for the next season and Carlos Tevez is a reliable goal-scorer who could be signed without having to break the bank account.

Juventus is dominating Italy as they have secured their 3rd successive Serie A title and Carlos Tevez played a huge role in this accomplishment. The coach of West Ham United, Sam Allardyce is hoping that Tevez could do the same thing if he does decide to make a return to the Premier League club where he used to perform with back in 2006.

Tevez has a contract with Juventus which expires in 2016 and the Argentine player already stated that he currently does not have any plans on extending or renewing it any further.

“I want to respect my contract until 2016. That’s my plan. I don’t want to extend. I said I wanted to fulfill my contract and that’s my idea, I’m not thinking of signing an extension because that’s not how I feel at the moment.” Carlos Tevez as he told reporters that he is currently not thinking about extending his contract with Juventus any further than 2016.

It seems like in 2 years from now, Tevez will become a free agent but at the age of 32 would West Ham United still be interested in signing him?