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    You must understand there is much more to football than goal scoring. Dzeko did that while still being a great team player. Ask Ferguson how much he values Tevez’s goalscoring record. He can only play in a team where fans are not used to greatness and are satisfied with having a celebrity only scoring goals.

  2. @ismarbeton Let’s be honest here pal. You can’t really call a player who is only a proven scorer in the German league better than a proven scorer in the premier league. Tevez and Dzeko are much different players – Tevez likes to fall deep and pick up the ball where as Dzeko likes the ball played up to him. Although I do have faith in Dzeko becoming a quality player, he needs time to develop and understand the English game. Therefore I disagree with your comment.

  3. @ismarbeton ????????? Are you watchin the same tevez? I go to all the home games and trust me Tevez is so much better than Dzeko, In time MAYBE Dzeko will be better than Tevez but there completly two different strikers. Tevez is the proberbly the best in the premierlegue

  4. @3holaquetal
    Wow, what an intellectual response that must have required so much in-depth analysis! I see how it can seem to be somewhere at the same level as Džeko to a superficial observer, but he will never be as important for the team as much as Edin can be. Too bad City isn’t a team.

  5. He cannot be more arrogant and selfish! I can’t believe City puts up with his attitude, but his goals cover everything up. Džeko is a far better player, but this primadonna is cripling him! FOOTBALL IS A TEAM SPORT! At the end, City keeps paying for it, since they lack team spirit and the results aren’t what they could be. Shame.

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