19 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez . . . what a goal!

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  2. @VSI2007 oh really, theres nothing one HAS to watch, but if u name the vid like that its obvious why people wanna see it…

  3. fuck your advertisement i wont buy the shit just cuz u showed a tevez goal, focus on that fukin goal, show it in slow motion also but we dont wanna see your fukin advertisement gtfo

  4. hope WH fans dont’ forget what this man did for them, as we won’t either (man u fan)

  5. un golazo!!
    aguante el apache…
    muy buen futbolista…
    buen video..
    saludos, pasate por mi canal.. XD

  6. carlitoss baila como bailabas n boca i corinthians q t llegue al pinxo lo q digan los demas

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