13 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez||Manchester City||2009-2010 Player Of The Year||

  1. @PalMundo90 And I know that he still have enourmous passion on the football pitch whatever you may think. I haven’t just watched videos on him, I’ve watched countless matches where he’s played and scored, I’ve watched him score goal after goal for Man City. You must be stupid if you can’t work that out.

  2. @PalMundo90 Fail. He doesn’t want to retire until he’s 30. He has fallen out with people at Man City, but that doesn’t mean the club destroyed his passion. And no, read what I wrote properly before you comment back. I said this video shows his passion, not ‘this is the only thing that shows he still has passion for football’. I’ve been to City games, I’ve seen him play with my own eyes, watched him since he joined the club. I haven’t just watched videos to determine it, I know my clubs players.

  3. @MCFCDavid32 he wants to retire!!! pay attention to what going on around you. You must have magic powers, understanding how passionate he is through videos. well done.

  4. @PalMundo90 Oh, that’ll be why he’s scored the most goals for us so far this season and all of last then,won’t it? His off feild relatiosnhip with Man City and Mancini may have fallen apart, but there is no way you can say City ruined his passion. If you actually watched this video and realised what he’s done with Man City, you’d see that his passion stay remains indefinately.

  5. @PalMundo90 Man City did nothing to his passion. He had exactly the same attitude when he joined us. He’s an amazing player, but tempremental. He’s said countless times that he misses his family, and I personally am not surprised its come to this in the end. He’ll be greatly missed by many but in the last week, he’s completly destroyed his image in the footballing world and shown who he really is off the pitch. I’m glad City are staying firm over not selling him..his lack of respect’s been awful

  6. @MCFCDavid32 and now he wants to leave. Man City killed his passion for football well done

  7. @belantino1979 Yeah I bet he is. But too bad, now he’s ours, and he’s doing amazingly 😀

  8. @MCFCOlli Thanks! Yeah he’s my favourite player too 🙂 Him and David Silva atm.

  9. top top player , bet bacon face is gutted he let him go . never played him correctly , a player like him needs 2 play every possible game . CTID !!

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