25 thoughts on “Carlos Vela Arsenal’s Future (08-09 Goals) New HQ

  1. @XdtonybX not really he has trouble finishing at times
    if he were a better finisher he would be a lot better

  2. @65bluegreen Carlos shoudl start over Betner, becasue Betner is a tree, he is good in the air but he has no technique at all..if Arsenal is not going to use Vela then sell him to a team where he is going to play!

  3. oyeeeeee…..es muy bueno, a parte de las lesiones, porké no jugará regularmente???? mejor ke se vaya a un ekipo de medio pelo para ke tenga mas chance…..

  4. wooo tiene mas capacidad de la que pensaba por que rayoz esta en la banca tiene muy buena tecnica

  5. He is the future hugo sanchez , but he deserves to be in a better club than arsenal i can imagine him one day playing for Barcelona jajajaja

  6. si x favor ayuden a mi amigo broncoboy0747892 y diganos como se llama la cancion pliz

  7. Carlos is progressing well at Arsenal but when you play for the 5th biggest club in the world you have to be ruthless when given your chance! His best years lay ahead of him.

  8. This guy has a lot of upper body strength, I saw yesterday against new zealand, how the defender under estimated him….needless to say, the new zealand guy ended up on the ground for the second Mexican goal.

  9. Vela and gio dos santos with a the help of our goal keeper memo ochoa we can dominate in the WORLD CUP ‘vamos a gana’ SI SE PUEDE!

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