25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Freekick Portsmouth 2008 HD

  1. @Spyraldo10 one title(copa del rey), next year he will get the treble but with what he did this year,he will win golden ball 2011 for sure

  2. @messiBRC10ronaldo9RM of course not…he is better 😉 look at what he did this season at personal level….

  3. @caliandy323 cmon man messi and ronaldo both have there specialties y cant people just like both

  4. @DanielMcC14 hahahahahahahah ronaldo unlike other people dont play for the money. there is no chanhse that he will go to city. he loves madrid and madrid loves him. he will nevert leave

  5. @zidaneee12345 despite what man city are saying they want him and ronaldo dosnt play for the club he plays for the money so if man city offer him a sum he cant refuse real are fucked

  6. @DanielMcC14 i know cuz they want him to beat the record. yeah but ronaldo has also won the championes legaue and the best player in the world. let mourinho work some more in madrid and they will win everything soon.

  7. @zidaneee12345 if youve watched the last 4 or 5 real madrid games you can clearly see they are trying to get ronaldo the goals they constantly give it to him and try to set him up + messi has won 5 trophies in one season? has ronaldo done that, no.

  8. @DanielMcC14 it means alot to ronaldo. and lets see tomorrow. if özil makes 3 assists he will jave more than messi and if ronaldo makes 1 goal he will be the best goal scorer ever in la liga. messi will never do anything that big

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  10. @zidaneee12345 you said ‘he just scores 52 goals in one season’ & im the idiot? and LOL@u top goalscorer doesn’t mean shit

  11. @messiBRC10ronaldo9RM Yeah 52 goals in as many games, he’s going terribly isn’t he :/

  12. @messiBRC10ronaldo9RM what do u mean hes more prolific than ever. Btw didnt you see his free kicks against villareal in the last game?

  13. @shaunara99 he meant to say that hes gone crap, yeah he is scoring like crazy but hes not the player that he was at man u….

  14. @shaunara99 – Nope, he’s not. There’s no way he’d not track back at United, he’s just playing for himself at Madrid. Doubt Messi gives a fuck about personal honours, tbf.

  15. @DanielMcC14 what has that to do with anytihng idiot? you said he scors no freekick goals for madrid. he scored 2 yesterday in the same game. and yeah Ronaldo won the golden boot or whatever its called. jealous faggot?

  16. @zidaneee12345 wow messi has 52 with 23 assists…ronaldo has like 10 assists

  17. @DanielMcC14 nah he just scores 52 goals in one season and its one game left. jelaous?

  18. @messiBRC10ronaldo9RM 52 goals this season in madrid. 42 was his best in united. his better now so fuck you and fuck man utd.

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