25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – Perfect 7 | 2011 | HD

  1. well, i don’t like football at all.. but you make great videos, your editing is good, and the music is epic!

  2. ronaldo owns messi on everything strengt power ,speed, skill, the only thing messi had is good players like xavi next to him , ronaldo scores goals from 45 yeards out .. i want to see messi do that, thumbs up if u agree…

  3. Der Titel von diesem Video ist allem gerecht!.
    1.CR= Perfekt *o*
    2.Musik zum Vid= Perfekt *o*
    3.Übereinstimmung und HD Sequenzen=Animalisch (Y)

  4. best vid of cristiano ronaldo .
    the music is so sick too .
    thx mate

    and ive seen alot..

  5. Gutes video 🙂
    Tipp: ich würd bei deinem nächsten Video andere Musik (mit Text) nehmen 😉
    Und noch was: CR7 = fuckin’ Best!!

  6. Thumbs up if you think that ronaldo is better then messi. Thumbs down if Messi is worst than Ronaldo.

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