25 thoughts on “FIFA 10 // Ultimate Team Online Goals //

  1. @TheStudstuds
    it’s the “Olympia Stadion”
    you can get it on fifa 11
    it’s rated 80 and rare

  2. What is the name off the stadium at 0:55 and can you have it on fifa11

  3. @oliverhuntify Why you saying that to me? It’s my video, I know it’s Fifa 10

  4. @ph1lp0tt0
    dickhole it s fifa 10 look at the goal against chelsea cechs wearing they old kit

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  12. phil if you do the tricks in the game can you also use the left analog beacuse when i use it it doesent work

  13. lol ph1l you rock ive added you on playstation network but can you teach me how to do thoose tricks i can only do like 5tricks and its only in the arena dunno where to start i looked at your guide at easports football after that i could only do body fient xD

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