25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale vs Chelsea (H)

  1. @123Bilboy hey well hes got a massive responsibility being able to track back, but i still thinks he one of the best in the world. maybe sagna is better, but not dani alves. he pwned bale never mind the body checking

  2. @weatherallc05

    Ramos is a machine in that he bombs up and down that right wing and is also a huge threat in the air.

    Defensviely, hes very iffy. He has no positional sense whatsoever.

    Anyways, here we go…..Chelsea vs United about to kick off!!!! Come on united

  3. @123Bilboy mate funniest thing ever, ramos showing him on his left and bodychecking him! absolutely well funny, i was in stitches cos redknapp (jamie) said ramos hasnt a clue as a defender so i just laughed my backside off and thought “shut the fuck up jamie, you wold do the same”. ramos is class tbh

  4. @weatherallc05

    He caught Inter off guard. At the time, he was relatively unknown and plus, they were managd by Rafael Benitez lol

    Just watched him vs Real, another ineffective performance where Real defenders just showed him onto his right foot.

  5. @123Bilboy yeahh like chris waddle, who lets be honest was shite. bale on his right foot is utter crap, inter milan didnt think about that, and now everyone bums over bale jsut cos inter made a big mistake

  6. @mikeylufbro stupid comment, absolutely stupid. thierry henry is a different class, and no player will ever be the same. plus do you ever see bale track back like henry used to. henry pressed from the front, bale just stands there. and henry is better in every department anyway

  7. Bale had a much better game the previous season. Chelsea knew what to expect this time. I think this game was played at such a pace, great advert for the league. Ul Chelsea in the end.

  8. @freebustar i mean he is one of the top best players in the world ,but he will probably be the best

  9. THis guy is blessed with pure amazing skills and speed, hes surrounded by 3 chealse peps, but hes just challenging, hes will soon be on top of the worlds best F players

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  11. @N28Freestyle Rubbish was a bit over the top, but by his high standards it was a poor game for him. Lennon and Bale were anonymous in this game thanks to Ashley and Paulo, we did everything right in this game and should have won, why somebody would release a video on what was an average performance (by his standards) is beyond me.

    Last year at WHL he was the best player on the pitch by a country mile and tore us to pieces….

  12. @SensationalSunshine i would hardly call Bale in Paulo’ s pocket. He contained him well and didn’t leave a large gap behind him. Good defense, but it’s a stretch to say he had Bale in the palm of his hand

  13. He’s not a defender, he’s shown he’s a mire capable winger so hopefully he’s kept there otherwise he’ll not reach his full potential.

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