25 thoughts on “How Maradona evacuated Chelsea – Funny animation

  1. @alexandrey10 its not he that have made it, its a Norwegian TV Show called Golden Goal hosted by Johann Golden ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. @norgeshit i know, i just only hates the way you think we talk, i hate mexican acent hahahaha

  3. @iannoneagustin dude, it was for a TV Show called Golden Goal hosted by Johann Golden it’s just for fun, chill out!

  4. argentinian people doesnt talk like the video, mexican does, youre so fuc… asshole

  5. My god, the creator of this video don’t know the diference between Argentinian and Mexican lenguage.
    “Arriba arriba” “andale” mexican.
    “Vamos carajo!” “la puta madre!!!” Argentinian.
    I hate maradona, but how he talks is trully mexican and that’s a horrible pain in an argentinian ass.

  6. This is taken from a Norwegian show called “Golden Goal” and the guy who is talking is called Johan Golden ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Norwegians rock!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. @martintoscano1 as previously commented by others, they are simply playing up stereotypes – it’s exactly the same with ballack, cole and drogba…

  8. I wish this guy would make another one with Maradona! I’ve watched this one 10 times already! HAHA!

  9. @martintoscano1 they do know. but it’s just general stereotypes for latin america they use, and overdo it aswell. they are quite aware of it, trust me. it’s just their type of humor which seems to be a hit in norway at least (which is where their supposed to be funny anyway) and trust me, they are.

  10. Not even know how Maradona talks, not funny. Maradona is Argentinian, not Mexican.

  11. Maradona travelled to see Tevez play, he disturbed the sleep of the Chelsea players the night before, and old bacon chops Ferguson STILL never played Tevez. This was the moment Tevez noticed he had to leave Man U.

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