26 thoughts on “Inter Milan – The Dream 2010

  1. Morihnio made the team work so well in 2010. This year they looked like a pile of shit.

  2. hey dude…i hope you don’t mind that I use video to create my own idea…i will show my result soon…thanx in advance

  3. Magnifique cette vidéo, ainsi que la saison passée, j’en ai des frissons ! FORZA RAGAZZI !

  4. Questa è la vera Inter! Non quella di quest’anno!
    Benitez,Leonardo..Poi? Come Mourihno non avremo piu nessuno.

  5. non ho paroleeeeeeeeeeeeee grazie inter pet sempre con te!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!forever inter

  6. go to my channel (gbpackXLV) and watch my video called “inter milan 2009/2010: treble makers” it is sick. also watch “English premier League 2009/2010″ the show”. i made them both, i know you will like them.

  7. Vi giuro che essendo un Juventino e odiando l’inter mi sono emozionato 🙂

  8. ogni volta che rivedo questo video mi vengono i brividi, pazzesco davvero!

  9. IL MIGLIOR VIDEO ….. tutte le volte le lacrime scorrono via … grazie

  10. Great video!

    I still dont belive this has happened.
    Inter fan since 1996! Great year! pazza inter!
    Thank you José you will always be the special one to us.

  11. im an inter lifer. i used mourinho’s quote after i saw this video for an english essay and got a 90% on it (A+).

  12. never forget those moments..what an epic year ..it happen really barely every 5 or 10 or even more years for a team to get all possible trophies and inter made it..it happen so fast that we couldn’t really understand the magnificent historic glory we achieved and now that all is done we can sit and watch the videos and enjoy every moments of this impossible path for a long long time..thank you Inter for making me stand tall and proud!

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