26 thoughts on “Juan Mata panna Raul Albiol World Cup 2010 HD

  1. best ever i see this video everytime i visit youtube
    i like it how the keeper looks after the panna

  2. best nutmeg i’ve ever seen…albiol is never gonna talk to mata again…just look at him after the nutmeg…he was embarrassed of himself

  3. Normally i hate those”how can you dislike this” blabla,
    but how can someone dislike this?
    I mean,this is the BEST,really the beste PANNNA i’ve ever seen in my whole life!

  4. love how fabregas consoles albiol after just getting burned, lovely team spirit there

  5. like this if you replayed this over and over and get the same reaction. everytime!

  6. thats the best passing-panna i’ve ever seen…and i don’t like albiol 😀

  7. i tried this last week in my football match… it worked… i had a laugh attack xD

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