25 thoughts on “Manchester City Celebrate Premier League Title 14/5/2012

  1. Tell us the pro-teams in top leagues that the players play for free and win championships? Your turn now.

  2. Some teams have won no trophies in more than that, in the 60’s we had a great team, after that they weren’t so good but hey shit happens, we’ve won 2 trophies now and were looking to win more!

  3. Why is there nobody there? Is this a dress rehearsal for the real parade or something?

  4. I’m sorry but you can’t buy the league, yes we spent way too much but the team were the best over the season and that’s why we won, plus 2 trophies in 2 seasons isn’t so bad, it’s actually a good achievement if you take into account how many teams want to win the FA Cup and anyone can beat anyone on their day in the prem, buying the prem would be going up to the bosses of the premiership and saying how much for the trophy, they had to play 38 games, plus games in other competitions!

  5. 500 Million spent in the last 4 years, only 2 trophies won, THAT is the prem being bought my friend, don’t say they earned it because they didn’t.

  6. 38 games in the Prem, scored most goals, conceded the least and won it on goal difference, you can’t buy the league, you earn it, you only buy the players capable of winning the league and then they have to work so hard to win it, your just another idiot fan of another club that knows nothing about football, you just think if you buy some great players, they’ll automatically win the league, United were 8 points ahead, they blew it, big time!

  7. I support City, I’m not from Manchester, I’m from Jersey in the Channel Islands, my Dad’s Dad is from Manchester, my great uncle played for City in the 50’s, he also managed Liverpool for a few seasons, I’m 19 and have supported City for as long as I can remember, we deserved to win the league at the end of the day, we’ve been through a hell of a lot as a club and the fans are as loyal as any other clubs fans, a lot of people now support City simply ’cause were rich and now were winning trophies

  8. I find it funny that you reply to me 3 weeks later then try & hide how stupidly late to the party you are behind some wannabe intellectual answer to try & cover all bases so i can’t give a reply. Lame! The fact is to dub me a “gloryhunter” just because i’m not living in England is stupid. I’ve been a supporter of Man Utd before all the success, reason? My dad follows them. So to say that’s all i ever be is funny since many more will follow City too. Think about the world of football & shut up.

  9. Why are you on here bitching about City little boy? You don’t understand United’s rivalry with City, the Manchester working class background, the origins like St. Marks and Newton Heath, you’re not even from this country…. You’re just a pathetic little gloryhunter and no matter how you ever try to justify yourself, that’s all you will ever be, that’s a fact, get used to it, anything you say is null and void….It’s comical that you have this “hate” of City for no logical or legitimate reason

  10. Ruined football? We’ll thank The Edwards family for that, do you know who they are? £12 Million on Robson, Webb,Hughes, Pallister, Ince and Phelan alone in the late 80’s early 90’s out of artin Edwards pocket… Ridiculous amount for back then.

  11. I loved your nobody joke.. Soo Funny Mate but you messaged me personally commenting on your own body weight and asking” Did i wish to meet up?”

    I think anyone reading this will think that says enough about you..

  12. @dannyfell.
    Yeah Because I always say yes whenever a sad internet idiot messages me saying he is 16 stone asks me do i wish to meet up. WTF!!!

    I think Sky sports news are filming at City’s training ground mate. Its a documentary called. “How A playboy bought the Premier league title and ruined football”

  13. Haha yeah you’re only kidding yourself kid. Never beat what Man Utd have done & will do.

  14. Dude ya have me laughing here. You’re a joke & man city are a joke. Now go cry to someone else ya keyboard warrior.

  15. from a liverpool supporter, that’s a terrible turnout. you should be ashamed, not uploading a video of it. 

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