25 thoughts on “Manchester City – Manchester UTD (2-1) 19/01/2010

  1. @gokdede well better than city for sure btw i got no problems with man utd just temporarily hated them because they beat cska 🙂

  2. @gokdede dude im not a city fan i just dont like man utd…. cause im a CSKA moscow fan :))

  3. love how City fans try pretendin they know where the border is to Manchester and Salford lol!
    i simply wouldnt care less even if it was just outside! If you must know the club was formed in 1878 in Newton Heath, Manchester!
    changed the club name to Manchester United in 1902 and moved to Old Trafford in 1910.
    so even if Old Trafford is just outside, it would still be in Greater Manchester anyway! and more importantly the club will always be from Manchester!
    lol you clueless, boring dickheads!

  4. Oh yeah another thing man u aren’t even in manchester there in solford just outside Manchester so solford is red not machester
    And that proves that Manchester is blue

  5. Hey u the guy that says were out of Europa league ure gonna be out to chelsea in champ league cause u can’t even beat rangers in that competition u fuckin wanker
    And guess who’s gonna leave for city soon just like Tevez oh yeah ure beloved Rooney.
    HA HA u fuckin diesease

  6. @mrneil1209 HAAHAHA City out of Europe, KO by the mighty Kiev, hahaha and Mancini cried about the size of gis SQUAD????? 600 million?????? winning fuck all???????? soon to be out of the FA cup??????? lol pathetic.

  7. @dani4667 ‘so much passion a city. yeah thats because united sang the whole game’. proving my point that united fans are retards…


  9. so much more passion at city, old trafford is so quiet compared to eastlands, its the theatre of dreams compared to the theatre of reality, united fans are fucking retards, ctid!

  10. Cant wait to see Edin Dzeko play the 6’3 pure striker he will add much needed cornering abilities to MAn City.

  11. U.N.I.T.E.D that spells fucking debt to me with a knick nack paddy wack give a dog a bone, ocean finance on the phone

  12. @crazycityfanatic alright thanks for that tell your mum ill swing by n 5 cheers

  13. @SulphurOfPerfection your just another red prick lol why dont you concentrate on what you best mate………..screwing your mum lol

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