9 thoughts on “Messi Skills and Tricks HD

  1. Leo messi is a complete beast also Ronald is good and did win best player in the world so there both good just messi is better lol in actuality I think is his fluid movement that’s amazing to watch that make him better and the passing lol any way messi is awesome and great video

  2. Actualy Messi is better then Ronaldo.. Now. Reasons Why.

    Messi shows more respect, and pasion to the game.

    Ronaldo falls on moment’s he can, Messi try’s to stay on his feets and finish his move.

    Messi cares about his team to be #1 , Ronaldo cares about hisself to be #1

    Messi doesn’tīģŋ care to be best, He cares about his team

    Ronaldo does tricks that he fails witch

    Messi keeps the normal football and adds his own amazing skills.



  3. Very nice, I liked the video clip ^_^
    Can you tell me what the name of the song



    Wait for more vids, (FCBarcelonaELITEE)

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