21 thoughts on “Mesut Özil // 2010/2011 // Real Madrid CF

  1. @Mrlbis66 thats actually totally bullshit what ur talking there dude. turkey asked ozil to play for them, he denied, and said that hed prefer to play for germany. AFTER that he started to play for germany.

  2. @MrIbis66 yes that does not mean hes german but his passport says hes a german!

  3. @jobular90 His whole family is Turks and he also says that he is a Turk, He only chosed Germany cuzz Turkey dont gave him a chance before WK.
    I Born in holland too but im still turks. If he born in Gelsenkirchen dont means he’s a german.

  4. @jobular90 Do you think the same as other turkish origined german citizens? Or you think so because he is fameous…

  5. @MrIbis66 Ummmm…He is not Turkish. He was born in Gelsenkirchen and raised in Germany. He is of Turkish descent.

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