26 thoughts on “Remy Bonjasky vs Alistair Overeem, [K-1 WorldGP Yokohama 2009] Superfight

  1. overeem was robbed and any true fight fan knows it. he wins 2 rounds and most of third one knock down in third he loses fight( poor judging)? pure dominance of remys athletics………then mike and rey seffo are jumping up and down saying remy saved k1 from an mma invasion? this is whty oevereem called out sefo and sefo got choked out by his brother in strike force revenge is sweet! then when overeem wins the k1 belt none of these guys could talk anything! k1 also does no clinch no elbow?

  2. @IIxROOKxII The point is that he did not display a true aura of invincibility. What Georges St. Pierre has done to opponents since the Serra loss is what a fighter does when we can say that they looked invincible. Watch your mouth punk. If you are going to call me an idiot I am going to make you look really foolish. I am not in anyway trying to diminish Fedor’s legacy only put it in proper perspective. He hasn’t slowed down enough to be incomparable to when he as winning.

  3. @MysticNinjaJay All those so called “close fights” resulted in w’s kid your an idiot and he won 3 previous mma victories which were beging matches before he went pro look up the biography for him…

  4. @IIxROOKxII He lost via cut to Kohsaka, one a questionable decision over Arona, got rocked by a punch against Fujita got suplexed by Randleman and nearly submitted by Mark Hunt. The Crocop fight was competitive but no close calls for Fedor there. His winning streak was something like 28 fights in a row. He was never 31-0. I just said that Fedor was the greatest. But he was also vulnerable and just recently started losing. Stop making excuses. Also I think GSP and Anderson Silva will surpass him.

  5. The only close call he had but one was his fight vs Mirko in his prime which in my opinion is the greatest fight EVER…Say what you want but in 90% and up of the people who have been watching since fedor will agree he is the best mma fighter ever!

  6. @MysticNinjaJay Anyway you put it Fedor in his prime achieved something that will never be achieved again in mmma 31-0 longest streak ever thus making him the best fighter of alltime and 9/10 people will argue that fedor is the best mma fighter ever and im one of them..and ik fedor is the old fedor who fucked everyone up. I know that and you said he had alot of close calls bullshit.

  7. @IIxROOKxII Yeah go ahead and name me a year and fight where you felt Fedor was simply. You can argue he lost to Bigfoot because of a lack of focus and I will argue that Bigfoots combination of size, athleticism and skill played the primary factor. I am not tearing down Fedor I just don’t like it when people make excuses. He is currently the MMA GOAT. I have acknowledged that and he had a great run but he never came off as invincible. He had alot of close calls.

  8. @MysticNinjaJay which was also around the time where he lost his first fight kid…so learn some facts before you tear down the best mma fighter off alltime!!

  9. @MysticNinjaJay no once again kid you dont understand fedor at his time was unstoppable thus he was undefeated and nobody is invincible but a guy that was the smallest heavy weight willing to fight everone and destroying everyone in his prime would kill overeem back then idk about now becuz he is out of his prime and doing him….and theirs no excuse that he lost other then the fact that as he said “wants to focus more on his family and doesnt have time to fight anymore”

  10. @IIxROOKxII What you nuthuggers don’t seem to understand is that I don’t hate Fedor and I don’t dismiss his age as a factor in his recent performances. But you want to romanticize about Fedor and envision him as some invincible God until he loses a fight. I deal with reality and use logic. He is an undersized HW. Once the competition got bigger, more skilled and athletic Fedor was always going to have problems. Alistair Overeem today would crush Fedor today and probably even Fedor at 25.

  11. @IIxROOKxII When did Fedor slip out of his prime? Give me the exact year and fight where you said to yourself, “wow this guy isn’t what he used to be.” Untouchable? Fedor got slammed on his head by Randleman, rocked by Fujita, had his head sliced open by Kohsaka and has been in several other bad positions in his career. Untouchable was Mike Tyson from the beginning of his career to the Michael Spinks fight. Fedor was good but the competition got better.

  12. @MysticNinjaJay your an idiot fedor in his prime was untouchable you fuck tard going 31-0 is no fluke and he admitted hes not the same fighter he was becuz his life affairs and age are getting too him…So either your on drugs or you made a mistake kid.

  13. @ironman145614 Fedor also started losing in Sambo, that’s another sign that he’s getting old

  14. @ironman145614 You could argue that Fedor-Werdum was a fluke however the loss to Bigfoot was not. Ask yourself this. How many well-rounded MMA fighters has Fedor fought of that size? I’d argue that size played the key factor in that loss. Has Fedor at 34 slowed down a little? Probably. But you should also give credit to his opponents. Overeem has been beating mid level competition. It is noteworthy that he destroys them. We’ll have to agree to disagree on rankings.

  15. @MysticNinjaJay i gotta give it to werdum for catching him like that but come on theres somethign wrong when fedor loses twice IT IS AGE whether you want to admit that or not it is a huge factor and cro cop is a prime example of that look at his last few fights every mma fan knows thats not the old cro cop but anyway ya this whole argument was that reem is not mma top ten yet (which he isnt) because he fights k1 more than mma and his wins in the cage arent worth talking about really

  16. @ironman145614 Btw you keep complaining about Fedor and Crocop being past their prime. Look obviously by mid 30s most fighters slow down. They are not the same as they were when they were 25-30 however the competition is also getting better. Age is not the only factor and people tend to use age as an excuse for why a fighter lost ignoring the technical reasons why they actually lost.

  17. @ironman145614 How can you say forget rankings and then argue about Top 10 and Top 5? Those are RANKINGS! I agree that Overeem has more to prove in MMA before he can be considered elite. But based on recent performance he is close. Most MMA fighters only fight 2 or 3 times a year. Overeem did MMA twice last year and if Fedor and Werdum hadn’t ducked him he would have focused on Strikeforce over K-1. Now he is in the tournament. There’s really nothing to argue about.

  18. @ironman145614 Listen to you. Use logic for a change. He could not go to the UFC because he had a contract with Strikeforce. Coker allowed him to fight overseas. If he felt he was ducking competition he would have stripped him of the belt. I’m not saying beating Duffee for the DREAM title was significant I’m just recapping Overeem’s recent career. I agree with you. Let’s see how he does in the tournament. But I disagree with you when you act like Overeem isn’t going after tough fights in MMA.

  19. @MysticNinjaJay then go to ufc if theres no mma fights for him were hes at simple as that if he wants to be a champ then be a champ quit duckin the compo in ufc and now that strikeforce has heavyweights that compare to ufcs he finally has a chance to be an mma fighter so wull see what he does and dont even talk about dream heavyweight title i like dream but what a joke duffy just got kod by some sloth in ufc and now hes fighting for a title off a loss against overeem shows the lack of talent

  20. @ironman145614 And for the record you lost all credibility when you ranked Fedor as #1. I have never come across anyone in internet debates who ranks a fighter who loses two fights in a row as #1 in their division. That is serious nuthuggery. Overeem is on a 9 fight winning streak. Two of those wins are Top 10 (going by Sherdog rankings). That logically qualifies him as Top 10. Sergei and Barnett over Overeem is a joke.

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