25 thoughts on “Ronaldinho vs. Cristiano Ronaldo 2010-2011 [HD]

  1. Admito que Cristiano Ronaldo es uno de los mejores jugadores que hay. Pero es un insulto para el fútbol intentar compararlo con Ronaldinho.

    Ronaldinho es por mucho el mejor jugador que ha visto el planeta fútbol.

  2. @AiMaRaY C. Ronaldo + Messi + Villa = Ronaldinho

    Pele + Maradona = Ronaldinho

  3. Ronaldinho used his moves/skills for a purpose, to get somewhere or to pass to someone. Ronaldo just shakes his legs over the ball and than passes it 3 ft away .

  4. This movie was created by Ronaldinho fan.. cuz you should take way better moves and shots by C.Ronaldo.. it’s not fair compilation.

    -Leo Messi is a very good player..
    -But C.Ronaldo is just from another world…
    -You can compare Messi to Maradona..
    -Villa to Van basten..
    -But You can’t compare C.Ronaldo !
    -He is unique.. he is the best !

    ‘THUMBS UP!’

  5. Let’s not be ridiculous now. for a decade, Ronaldinho was the meaning of ball controll

  6. @albertkishek The guy is at that age… if he misses it so what? he is still a better player ALL ROUND than ronaldo.

  7. Ronaldo is a better goal scorer and works with the team more. Ronaldinho misses practices so has no chemistry with the team and hasn’t been scoring lately. In my eyes Ronaldo is better right now. Why do u think ronaldinho is benched in Milan?

  8. ronaldinho and Ronaldo are both great players, but you cant compare a ferrari to a toyota can you?

  9. this is true
    ronaldinho is better than ronaldo at skill and dribbling
    ronaldo is better than ronaldinho at shooting, power, accuracy
    ronaldo is a better penalty and free kick taker than ronaldinho

    this is the truth
    btw ronaldo: cristiano ronaldo
    but ronaldinho is good too
    thumbs up if u agree

  10. @MrTuga2001 how does ronaldinho copy him you dumb ass when ronaldinho was playing cronaldo was still sucking dicks in portugal..

  11. @keropaki9 no matter how fat he is / or will be he will still be better than c ronaldo just because he passes the ball..

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