18 thoughts on “Schalke v Dortmund Super cup Full highlights + Penalties HD

  1. Schalke hat verdient gegen diese dofmunder gewonnen.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Schalöke 04.

    Glöück Auf

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  3. if im manuel neuer, and im seeing this, there’d be a smile on my face. a genuine one. congrats schalke!

  4. @17Serban I hope also he will start in the first 11 at Real Madrid. Dortmund Have some good players, and if they still have the spirit from the last season. Will they for sure stay in the top 5 in Bundesliga.

  5. @thebobbyunited as far as the champions league goes, i have my worries too. it really takes an experienced team to survive the rounds and clinch the semis or even the final, in which case i can’t see dortmund achieve this. Some transfers might have done the team some good, but if the transfered players had some experience with this sort of competition, in the end it really goes down to how well klopp manages his team in order to deliver a good game and put on a top drawer show for us the fans:))

  6. @thebobbyunited exactly:D i’ve heard the rumours about a possible transfer, but nothing solid so far though.. they really do need a dominating goal scorer cause as far as i’ve seen klopp preffers a formation the likes of the 4-2-3-1 one with a spearhead striker in which case they get loads of deliveries in the box for him to finish,barrios did well so far but needs to crank it up a notch,be more aggresive.Big fan of kagawa too, his agillity amazes me beyond belief and he makes it look so easy:))

  7. @maegtigekasper no wonder why he is your idol, he’s a really good player:)) (his goal in the away fixture with bayern this season speaks for itself) fingers crossed so we can see him star in real madrid’s first 11 in the upcoming primera division season, as for dortmund i really do have faith in klopp that he will keep his team together and the players’ spirits high

  8. the first penalty saved should be retaken because the goalie was off the line b4 the player kicked the ball… refs r so stupid sometimes !!!

  9. @17Serban No im definetly not schalke fan, ive used to support Borussia Dormundt but after Nuri sahin
    (my Idol) left the team. Do i think that Dortmund isnt so strong anymore, and they can live the same catastrophe as they did some years ago.

  10. @17Serban Agree about lewandowski,could do with someone like bentder from arsenal,add more competition up front,don’t really know about gundogan hopefully he can do well,big fan of kagawa ,keep him fit and will light that league up,mighten be there next,big potential,the worry is how they will cope with the champions league,they really under acheived in the europa last seaon,have they made many transfers?hope they can do it this season though ,good start!!!!!!!!

  11. @maegtigekasper gundogan sucessfully replaced him, it’s lewandowski i’m worried about, he must improve his finishing, as a striker he is supposed to score the goals to win the game, kagawa is back in the game though:)) you a schalke fan?

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