Tevez Has a Large Price Tag

Manchester City for Argentina Carlos Tevez has some choices to make in the near future. Earlier this year, Manchester was ready to say goodbye to the Argentine powerhouse. Many would look back and appreciate the fact that it did not happen, as he played pivotal and key parts in Manchester City winning the league.

Milan at the same time was absolutely ready to make the buy. They were practically drooling to get their hands on Tevez. The only problem was the twenty five million pounds that was the price tag on the head of Carlos Tevez. Milan was simply not ready to spend the money and may not have even had it to spend.

Things have changed a bit since that time, with Milan ready and in position to sell Thiago Silva. Silva is expected to bring in thirty five million and the Milan fans will want to see the money well spent. One of the options that Milan will be throwing around besides a purchase of Tevez will be a possible purchase of Mario Balotelli.

It is hard to say exactly what the future of Carlos Tevez may be, but it is assured that after this season there will be much talk of purchases and possible purchases. With his dramatic change from the beginning of the year, to the winning of the league, he has gotten many people’s attention and is sure to hold it for at least another season.

It is this kind of performance that raises a player to Series A, and it just may well have done so for Tevez. It is going to be touchy for City to if this all comes to fruition. There has no doubt been some controversy over his past performance, and it seems that even the past several months have not completely taken the bad taste out of their mouth. Only time will tell.